Saturday, June 9, 2007

Registering for your Baby??

Aside from a really bizarre stretch of weather, this week has passed by without much ado. It was 90 or so Tuesday morning, and after a bunch of wind, dropped to below 50, dumping snow on the mountains again. Kind of a cool thing to see; not cool to experience as it left me with bad headaches and I ended up sick Thursday and Friday.

Cindy had a "ward" baby shower with friends from our ward getting together to hang out and share in the joy of all things baby. "Share" really means "give us stuff"- something I will never complain about. It still seems odd that there are gift-giving parties that aren't birthday related, but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth (odd saying, isn't it? Turns out it actually means something. Go Figure.). I've come to realize already that we have some pretty nice friends as they were quite generous in helping us get started with baby-life.

A handful of people have asked us if we registered. At first, I thought they meant wedding registry, but that doesn't make too much sense and I hoped our friends were smarter than that. They were. Turns out you can register for baby gifts. We have a Babies"R"Us up the road from us and that's the "place" to register around here. Personally, I feel odd registering for baby stuff. It kinda feels like we're begging. I mean, it makes sense if people want to be generous and celebrate this with us, but setting up a want list still seems odd. I may be alone on this one, but oh well.

We did end up registering. I got to use a scanning gun again- always a good time. I found, however, that registering for baby things was not at all like registering when were engaged. For one, there are thousands of things we needed before we got married. With the baby coming, there are things we need, but there aren't as many categories to fill this time around. Clothes. Definitely need clothes. The more baby clothes we receive, the happier Cindy gets (something about girls and little baby-clothes; don't quite understand it), so there's no reason to skimp there. After that, we have bottles and diapers and burp-cloths. Pacifiers, more diapers, more burp-cloths. Once we take care of that, there's some toys and maybe first-aid stuff. But that about covers the basics.

Oh, except the BIG stuff. That's the other struggle with registering. If people really want to know what we need/want, it's the expensive stuff. We need a crib. We'll also need a car seat, a stroller, high chair, changing table, glider, breast pump, etc. I don't think any of those are under 75 bucks. So, do I feel comfortable telling people they can drop a bunch of cash on us? Can't say I do. I mean, it's definitely welcome, but I'm not expecting anything more than a congrats and maybe some little baby socks to make Cindy happy. When all was said and done it was fun to see all the junk out there for babies... makes it seem a little more real that there's actually a baby headed our way in a few months.


(Nicole) The Very Hungry Caterpillar said...

I loved registering for baby stuff, so much fun, I also love looking at peoples registries. On Babies r us and Target they have recommenced items or popular ones. I also looked on under baby and saw his recommendations, They were pretty good. I also searched craigs list and KSL for the items I wanted they were pretty new, We saved a ton there. No reason to fork out ton on stuff people have hardly used. We found a ton on California where my family is and they picked it up for us. Most people had on kid bought everything and then sold it for cheap, that can be the way to go. Any questions I would love to help! Congrats!!!! Any names yet?

Heather Guymon said...

I hated registering for that crap quite frankly. Take it from me, Hannah was not the typical baby, so all those bottles and binkies we REGISTERED for, and then RECEIVED as a gift due in part to the registery, well she didnt like ANY of them! Its so hard to register for a baby BEFORE the baby gets here. Honestly, id do simple things like diapers (because you are gonna NEED TONS of those) and wipes, clothes and bibs of course...but wait until the little one gets here and tells YOU what he wants to use...Hannah didnt even LIKE binkies so I have about a million of them in a box somewhere, all different shapes and sizes, and not a one worked for us. She instead sucked on, and still does, her three fingers...yes I said THREE fingers. So, my advice would be, dont sweat all the tiny stuff, especially bottles and crap, just worry about the bigger stuff and look on craigslist if you dont mind second hand stuff. Seriously take my advice!

Hannah said...

Great post, I love the joint effort! FYI.. If you are still wondering what it is about Cindy and the baby clothes, yeah, having a tiny baby is really like being able to dress your own live doll, a dream us girls have had since we were small! I am so excited to see what this little boy Burkman is like. I think you really do have to wait and see what he likes, binkies & bottles are a VERY particular thing to a wee one, they must choose them. Best of luck, to all three of you:)

Sarie said...

you can email me and I will email you my address.
smyliejean at yahoo dot com

Hannah said...

Cindy asked for my address. Shoot me a quick email and I will email it to you. I just didn't want to post it on a website. Hope everything is going well!