Monday, October 15, 2007

Pictures and a quick update

It's been a while, so I thought I'm taking a moment to toss up some pictures and give the quick update.

First, Carter is 10 weeks old tomorrow- and the last two months have blinked by. He smiles when he sees me or Cindy now, and now most of his wakeful times are spent with me doing whatever it takes to get him to smile again; it's like a drug but the fix only lasts 2 seconds.

We had family in town over the weekend for Carter's blessing. I woke up Friday morning and have been going non-stop since about 11 this morning. My mom flew home today and Cindy's parents left also, so things have calmed down enough for me to try to get back into somewhat of a routine again.

So, with that lame attempt to update the last month in 100 words or less, I'm just going to skip to the pictures of Carter (it's the good part of this blog anyway). Feel free to click on an image to get an unnecessarily large version of the picture.

Carter's just barely 4 weeks in this one:

Here he is at 7 weeks...

Carter at 9 weeks... finally got him smiling - only took 50 pictures

Here's Cindy with Carter (his eyes look unnaturally blue here)

and finally, just Carter

Cannon Family Reunion?

With the baby blessing this last weekend, it marks the first time that all of Cindy's immediate family was in town together. The last time was our wedding, 2 years ago. We spent most of the weekend with them and good times were had by all. Cindy's family is definitely larger than mine, with 3 older brothers, all married, 6 nieces and nephews, and who knows how many cousins, it definitely trumped the brother, sister and spouses that make up my immediate family. I'm lucky I don't have "crazy horrible" in-laws or anything close to it so doing stuff with family is always fun, regardless of which side I'm referring to.

To mark the occasion of the unofficial reunion, we had family pictures. Anybody that knows me understands my utter disdain for having my photo taken and this was no exception. I did my part to not ruin the pictures and only time will tell if I managed to pull that off. I did, however, get a chance to take pictures this weekend. The practice is paying off- now I only feel slightly lost using my new camera and not totally lost like I used to. So... in honor of the weekend, here are some shots of my nieces and nephews and one, of course, of little Carter who handled all the extra attention this weekend fabulously. As always, feel free to click for the big version.