Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A little post

Still getting the Halloween pictures in order- so until then, here are a few pictures of Carter standing. By "standing" I mean he has weight on his legs and he's wedged between the couch cushions so I could snap a few pictures. He's a happy boy though; anything that involves being on his feet pretty much makes his day.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nuked it...

Thanks to a freak of nature occurrence, I was fixing our computer and nuked it. What does "nuking" entail? Well, without turning this into too much of a geeky-blog, I rebuilt windows so things would work better. In the process, my computer decided to be stupid and went around eliminating things it had no business touching. This includes all of our personal information and backups. This was 7 days ago.

The result? A heart attack at first which quickly turned into a full-on panic attack. I don't care about losing programs and my computer not working; money and time can fix those things. I was concerned that I lost all of my pictures and backups of pictures. Can't really recreate Carter at the hospital or our wedding- well, not convincingly, at least.

In the end, I've dedicated the last week to fixing this mess. It took much longer then I thought, but I am a lucky, lucky person and managed to recover my lost files. This means we have our pictures back. I've also gone from "anal" about protecting personal info, to "ridiculously OCD-anal" which I'm not getting into here. Needless to say, there is almost no chance of this happening again. If you'd like the boring details about any of this, you can call cause I'm not wasting more words on such a frustrating experience.

So, if you were wondering why there weren't blogs or comments or pictures of Carter, now you know.

I'm still putting the final touches on our computer before we're officially back in business, but there are some Halloween pictures, baby blessing pictures and other cute-Carter pictures forthcoming.

Scott Wolf

So, how many of you remember Party of Five? I used to like that show, but for one reason really...Scott Wolf. He is the actor that played the Bailey. I used to think he was so cute. Well, Chris, Carter and I flew out to Vancouver to visit Chris' family, and guess who we saw on the plane? That's right Scott Wolf. Weird. He's still cute, but he's really short. Chris just laughed at me the whole time while I kept trying to sneak another peak at Scott like a little 13 year old girl. It was fun!