Sunday, April 22, 2007

Behind on the update (Cindy wrote this)

Well, things are going well for us. We've recently painted our condo and re-carpeted so things are slowly coming together as we prepare for our new arrival. My brother Sam is making us some book shelves that will make a huge difference in helping us have a livable home. Now it's time to start doing research on baby cribs and stuff like that, then shopping for it all. If anyone has anything they recommend or absolutely hated, or didn't need, please let me know any info you have. There are just so many options for everything. Anything you have learned during or after pregnancy, labor, whatever it is, I wouldn't mind hearing it.

Anyway, as far as baby updates, I'm way behind on that. We had our big ultrasound april 4th and it was so cool! What an exciting experience for both of us. It was great for Chris especially since he hadn't been able to feel the baby move yet or anything like that. Chris has the ultrasound on his blog so you can check that out if you would like. We had been debating since day one whether or not we wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl, but the further along we got, the more and more I wanted to know, especially since I was already having such a hard time thinking of names. Good thing we found out too, 'cause it's a boy and I was really struggling with boy names. If we hadn't found out I probably would have just had my girls names chosen, and been awfully surprised when I needed to name a boy. We would have had a "Boy named Sue" incident on our hands.

So, yay for babies, and for us, baby boys. We're very excited, but now it seems like such a long time to have to wait for him.

So Chris has been able to feel the baby kicking a lot now which he loves and I am so excited about. I love that he is able to be a part of it. Our baby is moving a lot more now and is getting stronger everyday. Sometimes he really catches me off guard with his strength.
Sleeping isn't as easy anymore. Chris has learned not to touch me at all once I'm asleep 'cause I tend to be not nice while I'm sleeping. I think now he just does it for fun to see what I'll say, and how much he can get away with before I completely wake up. Then he likes telling me about it all in the morning.

Other than just feeling more and more pregnant everyday, things are going well. I just got a raise at work and Chris is almost done with this semester.

Don't forget to give me any advice at all!!!!