Thursday, September 25, 2008

All better

With school in full swing, life settles down into a nice, comfortable routine of predictability and consistency. That’s what one hopes for at the start of the semester and that exactly what didn’t happen.

For no apparent reason, I decided to get sick right after school started. Symptoms included a fever of close to 104, sharp pains in my left side, sharp pains in the upper part of both lungs and more! Good times, for sure. Plus, I was sick for close to 3 weeks. Awesome!

First they thought it was kidney stones. Nope. They thought I had a pulmonary embolism for a while, too; that was scary. 

After 4 trips to the doctors, 2 rounds at the hospital for CT scans, doctors  finally discovered that they didn’t know what I had. So, they put me on a bunch of antibiotics and hoped for the best. Lucky for me, that seemed to do the trick and I’m back in business.

Cindy’s been great during all this. She helped out double time with Carter, which allowed me to trudge to class and work so I could try to stay caught up with life in general.

Carter’s been great, too. Haven’t had much time to take pictures and all that, but that’ll be remedied shortly. We did find time to visit the Utah State Fair. Carter loved seeing the animals and all the people walking around.