Friday, December 3, 2010

So how does this blogging thing work again?

You may have noticed we don't blog a whole lot, and when we do, it's because of Chris. I have been hesitant to blog mainly because getting the pictures from our cameras to the blog is a little tricky for me, and Chris is good at making sure the pictures look good as far as lighting and shading and colors go. I don't ever do that. However, I do try to keep up with everyone else's blogs which are always inspiring and motivating to me. I am amazed with everything each of you accomplish. Thank you for posting. Because of everyone's blogs I have decided to just blog, even if it's a big mess :). So,here it goes. Hang on, I need to figure out how to get some pictures here for you. Got it!! :) (these are pictures I found that Chris had already put on our desktop.)

For Halloween this year we were a Nursery rhyme. Cylie was Little Miss Muffet, Chris was the tuffet, I was the curds and whey and Carter of course was the spider which he loved and did a great job of scaring everyone.

Halloween is so much fun. It is such a great holiday. My favorite part is trying to think of, then make a fun creative costume. Having kids to dress up makes it even better.

We went to the ward Halloween party which was terrific. Everyone had great costumes. On Saturday we went trick-or-treating with my brother's family and friends. This has become a tradition that I love and look forward to.

Now I need to start thinking of and working on next years costumes.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Still Here. Still Have Kids.

Seeing as how this is the last week of classes for this semester, it’s just about time for a quick update. By update, I mean pictures of kids.



Spring played nice today and stuck around to provide some warm afternoon sun. So, it was outside for some pictures to show that yes, Carter and Cylie are still around, as are we.

Cylie’s almost 7 months and Carter’s 2 1/2. They’re happy, healthy and, like us, staying busy.

Summer should provide a bit of a slowdown with school, hopefully leaving more time for moments like these pictures show, and maybe even a blog update or two to go along with them.






As always, plenty more pictures on our site (  Pictures from all the action today is here --> CLICK ME.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Cylie today:


Cylie two months ago:


That was quick.


And a few more for good measure:


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A little Post-Christmas Entertainment

For your enjoyment:

Carter singing (and stuffing his face full of gumdrops)


Cylie, with some wonderful bantering.

If these aren’t playing well on your computer, just uncheck the “HD” button while it’s playing to scale things down a bit.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Year in Review!!

Seeing how it’s nearing the end of 2009, now is a pretty good time for look back over the year. This is especially true since our blogging efforts have been spotty at best and don’t really portray the “action” of 2009.

-- Cindy --

Man, Chris is a lucky man.

Cindy’s great, and Cindy keeps busy. 2009 started off with a baby in the belly. With Cylie on the way, Cindy retired from the workforce (recession helped that decision along quite nicely), and became a full-time Mommy. That is, until June, when she decided to head back to school to pursue Dental Hygiene, as well. And, in full Cindy-awesomeness, she whipped out a 4.0 her first term.

September brought fall classes and little Cylie. Turns out that a new baby, classes, calling in the Primary Presidency, and a super-active 2 year old is a bit much. So, classes were put on hold till January. Thanks to Chris’ flexible work schedule, they both can do classes and take turns with Carter and Cylie, so daycare isn’t an issue at the moment.

-- Chris --

Chris managed to not be in a photo by himself the entire year. Way to go, Chris!

Chris looooooooooves having his picture taken, as illustrated above. 2009 was a busy one, for sure. Full-time work, full-time school is crazy enough, but Chris was called to serve in his ward’s bishopric in June which brought just a little more “busy” to his life. He loves his calling and the chance to serve others, even if it does mean being gone 8-10 hours each Sunday.

Bachelor’s degree is all but finished up for Chris in Information Systems Management, and given the terrific state of the economy right now, he’ll just keep on with school and start his M.B.A. shortly. Along with school, Chris is working on a handful of IT certifications; CCNA, MCSE, and maybe even his CISSP (If you understand those acronyms, terrific). It’s slow-going, but he should get his CCNA next month.

-- Carter --

We're still not sure if he's pointing or scolding us.

Here is Carter eating M&Ms and perusing the Toys’R’Us Christmas ad. This is a rare moment where he his sitting calmly enough to catch a picture of him. Still managed to get his tongue out though.

2009 saw huge things for Carter. For starters, he turned two. Swimming lessons, trips to the park, and running around the house at every opportunity did little quench his insatiable appetite for being active.

He rode on a plane twice; once to visit Grandma and Grandpa Cannon and again to visit Grandma and Grandpa Burkman. This year, Carter gave up pacifiers, moved in to his big-boy bed and became a big brother, which he is terrific at.

Turns out he has a built-in big-brother gene that has him looking out for his little sister at every opportunity. He shares his toys with her (for now), holds her, lets us know when she’s crying (even if we’re holding her), and pretty much wants to kiss and love on her whenever possible and sometimes when it’s not possible.

All in all, he’s a happy boy and loves to make others laugh.

-- Cylie --

Sooooo cute.

Cylie’s 3 months old today. It’s amazing to see the differences between her and Carter already. She doesn’t cry much as she’s found it much more effective to just yell when she wants something. She’s talking a bit already, and while Mom and Dad understand everything she’s saying, others may claim it’s just babbling. 

Aside from a brief bout of baby acne, Cylie is healthy, strong, and nice and chunky; just the way a baby should be. She sleeps well, eats constantly and is a joy to be around.

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve! Finals are done, and preparations for Christmas day are nearly complete. Next up- holiday blog update time! Complete with Cylie talking, Carter singing, and year-in-review goodness. Just not right this minute.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It’s December

Having two kids is hard.

Christmas catch-up blog and pictures coming soon; once finals are done.

Here’s a picture to tide you over- if you’re still checking this.

End of October. New ones coming soon.