Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School starts... again

Tomorrow marks another semester of classes. The optimist in me says "One more semester means that much closer to graduation", but the realist has long since silenced that voice and sided with pessimism on this matter so I'm not really looking forward to things starting up again. Oh well, at least I have the opportunity of furthering my education, so I shouldn't be too ungrateful.

Prepping for classes is my new plan for the semester. OneNote 2007 and a tablet PC has helped keep me organized so I'm trying to do the leg work ahead of time. It's kinda boring work though, so I've been reading up on a really nerdy, albeit funny, webcomic, XKCD. I'm a fairly geeky guy and comfortable with the label but some of the humor there is completely over my head. It does provide some laughs, and even Cindy enjoyed a few that I was brave enough to show her.

Yeah... humor's a bit dark/off, but that how it needs to be from time to time.

And, for the majority of you that check this blog for cute Carter/Cindy sightings, here you go:


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Carter!!

I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that one year ago, I was watching Carter be delivered. Looking back at all my many accomplishments over the last 365 days wouldn't make for a very interesting blog and might be a bit depressing for me, so we'll just focus on Carter's big day.

To start, Carter got his first birthday card AND present opportunity after breakfast this morning complete with video proof. But first, here's how he's felt about today in general:
Carter's First Bday

The Birthday Card:

His First Present:

Carter also got to eat his first birthday "cake". We tried to be a bit healthy, so he got a pumpkin spice cupcake. Of course we covered it in wonderful, sugary frosting; negating the healthiness altogether.

At first he was a bit apprehensive and didn't know what to think of the frosting.Carter's First Bday 06

But once we helped him try itCarter's First Bday 08

We think he was pretty okay with thingsCarter's First Bday 09

And if you haven't had enough multimedia in one post, here's a slide show of the whole cupcake adventure.