Tuesday, April 21, 2009


What’s happened in the last, uh… 5 weeks? Well, enough noteworthy moments to encourage procrastination of any blog updates. So, rather than try to blog about every update individually, here’s a list instead:

  • I’ve decided to take the summer off from classes for the first time in a long time. With baby coming this fall, this is a good opportunity to get things ready and to recharge my batteries a bit so I don’t completely burn out before I graduate. The goal, of course, is to burn out as I’m graduating, so this break should put me back on track.
  • Cindy is officially out of the first trimester, and is doing great. Today marks the 18th week of pregnancy, which means just a couple (22) weeks to go! I do realize it’s easy to be this optimistic when I don’t have a human growing inside me. But Cindy’s a trooper and is doing great as a mommy to Carter and house to new baby. Here she is, in all her 18 weeks of baby-tummy glory:

ooo baby!

  • Easter came and went. We had an Easter dinner with my brother, sister and their families. Tried my hand at baking a ham for the first time… turned out pretty good. Carter participated in his first Easter Egg hunt at Thanksgiving Point. 100s of 1-3 year old kids and parents running through a field picking up plastic eggs. It was scary and felt like a stampede. Carter liked it though, even if it was rainy and gross out.

  • Carter got a massive haircut. As much as we loved that his hair was getting longer, it was getting a toupee look to it – long hair with a bunch of shorter newly-grown hair underneath. So, we leveled it and now his hair is full and luxurious… and short. Here’s a before/after look. First one is last month where Carter fully enjoyed a box of Styrofoam packing peanuts and the second is Carter with his Aunt Cassie at the park yesterday.



  • Cold/Flu season came and went and we all got hit. Unfortunately, I got hit doubly so and after the cold/stuffiness passed, I got a nasty ear infection and my eardrum ruptured. So, I’ve been on crazy meds for the last 2 weeks and will schedule surgery with my ear specialist this Friday (yeah, ear problems aren’t a new thing for me, at all). Hopefully surgery will happen mid-May, with plenty of time to get better before baby comes.
  • Lastly,  there were some pregnancy concerns a few weeks ago, so we went to the doctor to make sure things were ok. Listened to the heartbeat and all was well. But, to be doubly sure, we set up an ultrasound for the next day. Turns out that 16 weeks was just enough time to determine that the baby is healthy and:


    I still need to scan the ultrasound pictures and get them on here. I also have some videos that’ll creep on here soon, too. With school wrapping up for the summer, I actually have some time to take care of things and, as a result, we’ll be back in action in the blogging world.