Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A little Post-Christmas Entertainment

For your enjoyment:

Carter singing (and stuffing his face full of gumdrops)


Cylie, with some wonderful bantering.

If these aren’t playing well on your computer, just uncheck the “HD” button while it’s playing to scale things down a bit.


Hannah said...

You're kids are so cute Cindy! I can't believe how adorable your little boy is - loved the videos, thanks for sharing!
-Hannah (Childers) Ungricht

Cassie said...

Cylies cute but Carter totally won the show!

Celeste said...

Those videos are both so cute. I especially love hearing Cater sing and eat at the same time... what a stud.

Jenni said...

Carter is a crack up. That tree would be deadly in my house... and it would be completely baren within 2 minutes. Cylie makes some great noises. Merry Christmas Burkmans (AKA Ciny Lou)!!

Trisha said...

OKay, I think this is my favorite post! Love it!