Tuesday, June 5, 2007

30 Weeks!

Well... today marks the start of the "two-hand" countdown before we start sleep-deprivation-- 10 weeks until the baby's born. Now, we're sure that the baby will come EXACTLY on the due date because that's what the doctor said and science is NEVER wrong. On the off chance that the baby doesn't understand science, doctors, or technology and decides to come earlier or later, we'll make due; but for now it's still officially August 14th.

Cindy's looking and feeling pregnant. I mean that in the nicest, greatest way possible because there's no way I could ever handle what she does. Besides working full-time to help keep me in school, she spends the day off-balance, sore, and getting kicked and prodded by our little bundle-of-joy as her organs and the baby compete for space. She looks great though. I even have her permission to post pictures of her online, which is a miracle in itself. We took these over the weekend, so that makes her just about 30 weeks along.

Like I said, she looks great. I'm a lucky, lucky husband. The picture quality itself leaves something to be desired, which is why I'm still looking at upgrading our camera before the baby comes. Just need to head out to our money-tree and we'll be all set. (yes, that was sarcastic). Oh, here's one more of her, too.

Aside from baby news, life is fairly routine. I'm taking one class this spring term: Calculus. It's two hours a day, 5 days a week with a good 3 hours of homework a night. I don't mind math, but 5 hours a day is more than I'd want to spend on the subject. The nice part is that, while the course is hard, it's only 8 weeks long. This means the semester's almost done and I'll be finished in a few weeks. I was planning on Calculus II for the Summer term, but I'm not a glutton for punishment so I'm forgoing the math class until fall.

The biggest reason for this change is because the baby will come exactly August 14th, right before the supposed math final. As I said earlier, if our son doesn't get the memo to come on the 14th, he may just come during finals. That's a lot of pressure for a newborn, so I'll just spare him the stress and not take the math class, leaving him free to come into the world when he's ready. And by ready, I mean August 14th. This will give me some extra time during the next couple months to finish up projects around the house and make sure we're as ready as possible for our lives to change.

On the social scene, we're still semi-retarded and don't get out much. We do things with Sam and Jessie (Cindy's brother and sister-in-law) from time to time as well as with Cassie and Kent (my sister and brother-in-law). In the past, we'd also include Sam and Lori (my brother and sister-in-law) into our social scheming, but they decided to play grown-up for the summer in Houston on an internship with Exxon. I know we could actually call friends and be active but for some reason, I'm allergic to the phone, and I think Cindy may have caught my disease, too. It's really just too easy to say we're tired (which we usually are) and don't want to do anything. From there, we've settled into a habit of being "too tired" all the time. I'm hoping we can change that a bit over the next 10 weeks, because from what I hear, we don't have any concept of what being "too tired" really means. So.. if you read this and you get a phone call from us trying to be socially active, please don't think that something wrong or that we're going to die- we're just trying to better ourselves a bit and think you're just the people to help out.


Lori said...

Hooray for blogs! That was a great one too, pictures and all. Cindy looks so great, I love her times ten. When we talked she said how fat she felt, so I had prepared myself to see a slightly chubbier cindy if pictures ever posted. But she doesn't look chubby at all! just looks like she has a baby in her tummy is all. I'm glad classes are almost done and you get to take summer off, that will be a huge relief. Fun times fun times.

Jana said...

Cindy, you are adorable! I have to admit... I look at your blog periodically hoping for baby updates since you are a few months ahead of me and I like to know what's coming my way! :) Anyway, I am super excited for you guys!
-Jana (Trisha's sister)

Sam said...

I think you're going to have your baby about 2-3 weeks late....leave that one in the oven until I get home from houston :)

Allie said...

Give us a call!! We've been meaning to call you guys lately and see if you wanted to hang out! We haven't seen you two for a very long time. Call us when you're bored and we can all hang out!!

Trisha said...

Cindy you are SOO cute! I am very glad that the pregnant pictures finally arrived. Cindy...you look great! And Chris you say you are preparing for the sleepless nights, but if Cindy is anything like me those last few weeks of pregnancy are pretty uncomfortable and sleepless, so she may already be without sleep!

GOod luck with the last few weeks...you are almost mommy & daddy! You;ll love it!

(Nicole) The Very Hungry Caterpillar said...

you two should definitly get out now and do spontaneous adventures. babies are wonderful, but there is no more spontaneity. Do all kinds of things that are hard to do with a baby. Enjoy your time together too! I am so excited for you both this is such and exciting time, and Cindy you look adorable! I love pregnant women, I think they are so cute, I miss being pregnant!

PureDesign said...

Youa re hilariouse,

"but I'm not a glutton for punishment"

Dude, that is such a lie, how can that statement come from the "Self Abuse King" (aka Contact.)

Anyways I was hoping to have your arm accidently twitch agin sometime soon and accidently dial my number and hit talk on the old and dusty cell phone of yours. I mean with Summer movies, music, & THE FINALS we have a lot to talk about.

Of course there in lies the problem, I can see you at times for a short while entertaining that very thought, but then you say, do I really have 30 minutes to an hour to sit and talk on the phone. I know this because I do this to you, all though the thought also hits me, "Do you really wanna waste your enrgy in dialing the number and lifting your cell phone to your ear just to hear that same old boring voicemail of his?"

You are still my boy!!!!

Your brother Sam is lame for not ever calling me when he came to Austin, and still avoiding me sobre talves reunindo em Houston um dia...