Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yum Yum!

Carter LOVES food. More specifically, he loves Mexican food. Rice and beans, quesadillas, tortilla chips, and anything any everything similar. Combine that with being able to use his own fork and spoon in his very own bowl and you’ve got the perfect formula for a very happy boy, as the picture below slightly demonstrates.

It's Costa Vida: kid's chicken quesadilla with black beans and rice if you wanted specifics

(Oh, new site layout, too. Turns out all most of the pre-fab ones online are a little too "scrapbooky" for my tastes, so making one was easier. Now to figure out the banner on the top and tweak things a little more and then call it good, for a while...)


Cassie said...

Ha ha I love this picture! But it makes him look like a kid, not a baby.. :( Carter's not allowed to grow up!!

Wendy said...

What a cool little guy!

Your design looks great. I agree with you about all the scrapbook looking templates out there. Good job!

Justin & Heather said...

Too cute! I love those messy food pic's!

Traci Elizabeth said...

Cindy looked the exact way when people would feed us in Nebraska =)


Trisha said...

That is so cute, I love the look on his face like nothing in the world could be better then eating Mexican Food with his own fork. Cute kid.