Sunday, June 8, 2008

Movies That Make Men Cry

Found this blog post from while I was sittin' around doing nothing tonight. (nothing better than taking an hour to do nothing at all. Wish I had time to do it more often).

Top-25 Movies That Make Men Cry **25 movies now.***

It was a good enough topic that Cindy and I spent quite a bit of time going over the movies and agreeing/disagreeing with the author's comments. I'm not a huge movie-crier, but he did a good job pickin' out the movies that had me at least a bit misty-eyed (which is all of em except #20,18,10,9,6, and 3. Mostly cause I haven't seen 'em).

So, if you have a few minutes, click the link and enjoy the list. Feel free to comment and agree/disagree if you'd like. If not, well- fine then.

Oh, and to make sure this post isn't void of a picture, here's carter in his walker, reading a magazine, and wearing my hat. The hat was a new addition, but he loves running around the house while holding a magazine, talking to it, and tearing it to pieces. Simple pleasures...





JessieC said...

That's too funny. Sam didn't agree with any of them, but nothing really makes him cry (too tough:) haha How about the poem the Raven Chris, does that make you cry yet?;) Sorry I have no control over him.

Jenni said...

To Cindy's husband:
I have never met you but I am Cindy's old dear friend, Jenni. I have to respond to this blog. It is my responisiblity as a movie addict to help others see their way through the good or bad reviews... so here goes....
As to the movies you have not seen:
#20- It's a Wonderful Life- It is a classic but you won't be any less if you die without seeing it.
#18- Frequency- Pretty good, most John Travolta movies are okay so I would say, either way, do or don't, your okay.
#10- Passion of the Christ- Good job for not watching this. Neither did I.
#9- E.T.- COME ON!! E.T.??!? You have to watch this. It is a cult classic. You must watch this as soon as possible.
#6 and #3- Pride of the Yankees and Brian's Song- Never seen them.
And that is all I have to say about that.

Cassie said...

Hey! I actually saw a list like that a week ago but it was different...

Dead Poets Society was very weird..maybe I was a little young for it but I never felt like crying.

I can't wait to have a son and get all of Carter's clothes! And they'll be the best of friends. But Carter will be like almost 3 so maybe not.

spice2116 said...

ok i think it might have been just me but clicking on that link took me to a sports page, is that right? way to teach them young to read

Lance said...

There are a few that may make me a bit misty eyed but I don't let myself get wrapped up enough in the story.