Monday, March 10, 2008


4 months or so ago after talking with my parents, we decided to try out webcam technology and see if would actually be something we'd consistently use. Unfortunately for us, both Cindy's and my parents live 12+ hours away, so having them interact with Carter was either by phone or having them talk to photos (didn't work so well).

So, long story short, webcam works great and I honestly feel like it's bridged a gap for us. Cindy's parents have one now too and it's wonderful to talk to our parents AND see them at the same time. More importantly, Carter gets to see them and interact with them. The bonus to all of this is that's it's really easy to use and doesn't cost a thing if you have an internet connection and a web cam. Quality's good, too.

So, when our niece, Cadence, was over, we got Grandma and Grandpa Cannon on the webcam and they got to talk with them.

As you can see, Cindy's parents are absolutely mesmerizing. So much so that Carter apparently decided to stop closing his mouth for a bit.

Here are a few more pics from that day cause pictures are fun:






Cassie said...

Oh that last one is so cute!!

Joella Kingsbury said...

That is so cool about the webcam! Carter is very cute!!

Christine said...

Carter really is so cute. (It must be the name) ;) We all need to get together. It has been way too long!

PureDesign said...

We tried that for a little bit of time. It never really lasted most likely due to the fact that no one ever was very interested in doing it along with us. We even bought Heather's parents a webcam for them.

Jenni said...

Hey Cindy! Long time no chatty-poo. I am so impressed that your husband blogs! I can barely do it and I would fall over dead if Chris even looked at ours on his own! Cute kid! I've almost popped out Alvies #3 here in a few weeks. Check out my blog:

The Welkers said...

Hey Cindy,
Totally agree with the age thing. It feels like everyone else is aging around me and I'm still 21. Anyway, Carter is so cute. I see a little of you in him. I tried calling last night. The 5pm thing didn't work for me because I kept forgetting (busy time), but I'll keep trying . . . lol!!!

JessieC said...

Cute pictures! The kids really did have fun that day. I love the one of them hugging. As soon as Cadence saw it she said, "Oh, baby Carer" :)

spice2116 said...

so is it time to have another one since carter is good with other kids? :p jk i bet you are loving that question lol how are ya?