Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back on the computer again

I don't know what it is about me and computers but I just don't have a desire to use them. (Come to think of it, I have a similar issue with phones, but that's another blog.) Don't get me wrong, I think the Internet and all the updated computer programs are wonderful, and I enjoy using them. I'm on the computer a lot at work which is great, but when I come home I don't have any desire to communicate with the outside world or get on the computer for any reason. Which is why Chris has become our families designated blogger. I am very grateful for that, and I'm sure our friends and family are as well. Chris has also recently become very interested in taking pictures and editing them, and doing genealogy. Again, I am so grateful to him for these new hobbies! I am very lucky to have such a great husband, and Carter is lucky to have such a wonderful dad.

I started work back up this week after my 6 week maternity leave. I wasn't sure how it would be going back, but fortunately I am starting back part time for two weeks to get back into the swing of things. That has helped a lot. It has been nice being back. Everyone has been great, but I still miss being around Carter all day. I do get to have him with me part of the day though. My bosses have been very accommodating and are letting me bring Carter to work. Chris and I decided to split our time with him during the day to work around school and work which is seeming to work out great for all of us.

Carter is getting big so fast. He just turned 6 weeks old this week and he weighs about 11 lbs. He is such a sweet little boy and started smiling at us at about 4 1/2 weeks old. Chris and I love when he smiles his big toothless grin at us. There is nothing more fulfilling. He loves eating, taking baths, getting tickled by his dad and cuddling (which I love also especially since I know it won't last forever.)

Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of Cater smiling yet, but this was the closest I could get.

Now that it has almost been 6 weeks from Carters due date, we will soon start trying to get Carter on a schedule. We received many recommendations of the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, have enjoyed reading it, and now we can't wait to start putting it into practice.

So I've been seeing lots of doctors lately to try and put me back together. One doctors appointment I had recently was long overdue. I saw an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor regarding my recurring ear aches, sinus infections and swollen tonsils. I was hoping he would be able to give me some kind of answers. He did. I have to have surgery on my nose and my tonsils are getting removed. This is kind of a catch 22 considering I'm not looking forward to surgery. Everyone tells me how horrible it is. Yet he has promised me that this is the solution to recurring illness. Temporary pain is worth it if I can look forward to being healthy the rest of my life. So, that's what I'll be doing for Christmas this year.

I think that's about it for now. Trisha, we are so excited you guys are coming up for Carter's blessing. We can't wait to see you.

Also, to the many newly pregnant women, Congratulations! To all the new fetuses out there, we look forward to welcoming you to the world.

Chris said I need to add pictures, so I added a picture of Carter (which is always fun), the book, and a picture of my unhealthy tonsils (which is just disgusting which is why I added it to the bottom so those of you with weak stomachs may want to stop now). Enjoy!!


Sherry said...

It did it again... this stinks. I keep typing and even previewing and the minute I hit publish it post a comment I made to Cassie's blog...

Ok... short short version.... tonsils are ugly... they gotta go... You can do this, cuz you are strong, after all you survived child birth!

Carter is so cute... and I miss him! Hug him and tell him Gramma B loves him!

Chris said...

Mom~~ Fixed your rampant, rogue comments. Let me know if that happens again and I'll give your computer a stern talking-to. =)

Lance said...

Tonsils suck but Jen got hers out about a month before we got married and she did okay. She hardly gets sick anymore (which is good for me).

Good luck on getting back to work. That's one of the tougher things we try to help with at my work.

Cassie said...

Oh my gosh that picture of your tonsils is horrible! You'll be so glad to get them out. Not like I know...but Kent gets the same crap and plus..your are like always diseased and ill. Haha, so this is a good thing! Yay for an update, it just shows that you have a life if you always put off updating. hence my daily posts.

PureDesign said...

The mouth shot is pretty nasty.

The Carter pic is cute. I remember the days of trying to capture what we figured were smiles, on camera. It's not too easy.

Trisha said...

Carter, we can;t wait to meet you in a couple of weeks (of course we are excited to see you guys too)! :) And Cindy, I think it is a good thing you are getting those things removed..ouch, they even look painful.

Elliot Roper said...

So Cindy is taking the baby to work. This is not such bad thing. Infants can prove useful in the workplace. For instance, I hear at 3 months they are able to hold the paper down while you photocopy and click a mouse. At 6 months they can scan documents effortlessly and convert docs into PDFs. Then at 1 year, they practically operate the all in one machines independently. Time to start converting the crib into a home office.

Heather Guymon said...

Ouch! Looks painful Cindy! Cant believe Carter is already 6 weeks old. Here is some advice from a first time mom that busted her butt with the whole "trying to get the infant on a schedule" thing. Hannah is one of those "unscheduled" scheduled babies. Did that make any sense? Didnt think so ha ha. As soon as I stopped stressing about getting her on a schedule like EVERYONE was telling me to, she got on her OWN schedule AND started sleeping through the night at about 4.5 weeks. She has always been this way too, if you take it easy and try to go with the flow, she does much much better.

The Welkers said...

Good luck with going back to work. It's hard to leave the little ones (especially when they're so cute like Carter).

Good luck with the tonsil thing. Are those white spots strep? Looks painful, ouch!

Hannah said...

Thats a narly picture of your throat, looks painful. Carter is adorable. Sounds like you are doing a great job being mommy. Take care:)

Kristi said...

I used to get strep throat a couple times a month until I got my tonsils out. I haven't had it (or any other problems) since then! I love the pictures of Carter. He is absolutely adorable!

Sarie said...

I love the picture of your tonsils! It's gruesome, but so cool. I got your message a while back, I am bad with phones as well! That's why we're friends. We shall see you some day. After all, we missed your bbshower!