Wednesday, December 20, 2006

On the Road Again (Cindy wrote this)

We're on our way, home for the holidays. Our wonderful vacation started yesterday. The morning was rather crazy. We were trying to finish all of our last minute errands, pack and pickup the house before we ran out the door at two. Chris was a great help. He did pretty much everything, while I was laying down, sicker than a dog. The nausea that often comes with pregnancy, had been peeking it's ugly head every so often, usually when I was hungry or full. Yesterday morning however, it came out to play. I was extremely nauseas, to the extent where I knew if I moved I would barf. Really weird. I hate that feeling. Thankfully it eased up by the time we needed to catch our flight. Sam, Chris' brother is always so nice to take us to the airport. Thanks again Sam. Hope your finals are going well.
The airport and flight was rather uneventful. You know what, I'm not feeling so great, and I don't want to write anymore.

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